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Scarlet Barnett

Yoga Teacher and Mandala Artist


Currently based in Melbourne, and working as both a Mandala Artist and Yoga Teacher, Scarlet's work is anchored in a deep appreciation for creating and maintaining a healthy body/mind connection. 


Through her own healing journey, Scarlet has learnt to overcome past traumas, heal anxiety and create a balanced and harmonious lifestyle. Having studied at a Steiner School for her early childhood education, Scarlet is deeply connected to art and creativity as an integral part of the human experience and this, combined with her Yoga training and direct guidance from experienced practitioners, has become the foundation for her work. 


Drawing on her experience with yoga, meditation and ancient knowledge systems such as Buddhism and Taoism, Scarlet offers guidance in a variety of body-based mindfulness practices. Her yoga and mandala meditation classes focus on guiding others towards stability and self-inquiry. 


Scarlet combines her passion for the creative arts, particularly sacred geometry and symbolism with traditional mind/body practices of yoga and meditation to cultivate a balanced and harmonious lifestyle. She considers it her duty to help others find their own version of a healthy life. 

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Fulfilled are those who walk in simplicity, guided by the mystery.
Content are those who are mindful of what is important, and go forward with an open heart.
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