Mandala Meditation is a creative and introspective practice that quiets the mind and cultivates a deep state of concentration and focus. 

The class is designed to create a conscious connection with creativity, to explore art as a mindfulness practice, and the mandala specifically as a vehicle for integrating life experiences, to feel centred, balanced and whole. 


A relaxing and meditative class, the focus of Yin is on gently opening up the body, restoring flexibility and correcting imbalances that form through repetitive patterns of daily life. 

Yin Yoga combines the physical poses of traditional Hatha yoga with the knowledge and wisdom of Chinese Medicine Theory, grounded in Taoist philosophy, to calm the mind and balance the flow of energy through the body. 

Poses are held for extended periods of time, with an emphasis on connecting the mind, body and breath. Music and Tibetan singing bowls provide an accompanying sound journey that supports the practice of tuning inwards.



Hatha classes balance movement with stillness, often starting with breath awareness and meditation, followed by a gentle warm up, sun salutations, standing postures and ending with deep relaxation (savasana).


Hatha means Sun/Moon, referring to balance and can be seen as the Indian equivalent to the Chinese concept Yinyang.


Vinyasa is a dynamic flow based style of yoga, where the breath is consciously linked to body movements, flowing between postures. This style involves more continuous movement than Hatha or Yin and could be considered the Yang compliment to a Yin class.  

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